“Let’s bring back hope”


The time has come again where God has called me to go to my home away from home. I’m very excited about this trip, God has given me the opportunity to go back but also bring people with me.

A lot of new and exciting things will be happening on this trip. My heart is overwhelmed with joy to be heading back, I want to share a story about a women I met on the island who was beginning to lose her hope.


I want to introduce you to Damarice and her two year old Rosita. Rosita is one adventurous kid and one of the many that stole my heart. The reason I chose to share her story with you is so you too can experience what I did. Damarice has three kids one boy and two girls however her two kids were taken from her by your ex husband, she was left alone pregnant with Rosita. After she had her two kids taken from her she had lost her identity as a mother, she felt as if she had no worth. As time went by she became depressed she wouldn’t eat, get herself out of bed or even take care of Rosita. Things began to just get worse and worse for her until finally she couldn’t handle it anymore so she thought killing herself and her baby was her only way out of her misery. When she tried throwing herself and her baby in front of a moving bus something incredible happened she felt a hand grab her by the shoulder and pull her back. Damarice was in shock as she got back up she began to cry because it was then when she felt and heard God’s voice for the very first time in her life.

After Damarice shared her story with my friend and I. My friend Shea had me translate in Spanish to tell her that “God loves her so much that he sent her and I all the way from the other side of the world to come and tell her how much he loves her” she looked over at both of us and started crying she told me that God had heard her prayers. It was right there and then when I realized that people on the island were losing hope and feeling as if God had forgotten them. As I spent more time getting to know people on the island the more I noticed this pattern.


God has called you and me to bring hope to the nations.

Join me in doing just that!

My goal these next two months is to raise $1,300. Walk with me on this amazing journey to bring back hope, you can help me by covering me in prayer or donating if God puts it on your heart.

Thank you,

Become Love & Give Hope - Shea Forbes



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