We are excited to give you an update on what the Lord is doing for El Salvador. We have raised over $12,000 from generous supporters and our first fundraiser, the Christmas Charity Cruise. 

All of the funds will go to directly improve the lives of the El Salvadorians. We have purchased $550 worth of mosquito netting. Our plan is to buy property for the poorest of families on the island: displaced families who do not own the land they currently reside on. With the gift of property ownership, we will build aquaponics systems, chicken hutches, and irrigate each piece of property for gardening. Our goal is twenty thousand dollars to give the islanders hope and a better future. 

Clothes, shoes and fishing supplies have been donated and will be taken to El Salvador in February 2018. Together, we are giving the community resources and new skills to for the youth especially who need positive solutions to prevent gang recruitment. 

We have volunteers coming to help the people, we will be hosting and feeding ten scheduled so far, and a group of Missionaries plan to come for a few days to help in the production of our small-scale sustainable farms for the impoverished. 

Thank you for giving and being a blessing to people who are less fortunate so we can send a team to El Salvador to build small-scale sustainable farms for impoverished people.

Thank you for your generosity.  Your donations have made it possible to build up people by empowering them with hope and love. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement in helping to our goal. 

Thank you and God Bless,
- Shane & Rebecca