Mission + Vision


On earth as it is in Heaven ... what does that mean? It is a familiar phrase many people may have said or even memorized at some point in their lives. It is more than a saying, however. Those are the words of Jesus. He wants God’s Kingdom to come, here and to come now. All of Heaven roars His name and is filled with perfect love. That means that we can bring that kind of praise to the communities we live in and share that kind of love with the people in our lives.

Kingdom living is opposite, inside out and upside down. The first will be last, it is better to give than to receive, to be raised up you must be humble, forgive those who hurt you ... The King of kings came to serve ... not be served. We want the Spirit of God to break out and break every wall down. We can hear chains falling and see hope rising! We can see a place where people meet together to share meals, learn and grow spiritually, and simply do life together. A place where there is music and good food, joy and generosity. God’s House is called a house of prayer. We are God’s house; Nevaeh Now is a people and a place where prayer flows freely, like a sweet-smelling fragrance that connects souls to God.

Nevaeh Now is Heaven Won spelled backwards. We have victory over sin and death through Jesus Christ, the Savior. We are made in the image of God and we are a reflection of His heart. That means, that we show the world who our Father is by the way we love and give.

Nevaeh Now is like a launch pad, sending people out into their calling with power and love. It is a place where people converge, bringing their gifts and aligning their individual purposes for a greater purpose that can only be accomplished together. To bring Heaven to earth. Our goal is not just for people to get into Heaven, but for Heaven to get into people!

People are streams of living water. They are able to water small areas of influence around them if they are alone. But when they converge, letting our lives come together, we become a powerful force like a rushing river that will reach more of the lost, people living in a drought.

We will have a cafe where people can gather together and feel at home. God never closes, neither will we. Nevaeh Now is about connecting people to people, connecting people to their purpose and most of all ... connecting people to Jesus.

With Nevaeh Now, people are built up, loved, they discover who they are, they are encouraged to be who they already are, and they learn how to use the gifts and talents God gave them. Life is breathed into the lifeless, hope is given to the hopeless and acceptance is extended to everyone. We fan passions into flame and send people into their communities and families overflowing with love. We bring the Kingdom to people who are living in the dark. There are so many hurting, empty souls that need to know that someone loves them. They need to know that God loves them.

We reach up, grab pieces of Heaven and bring joy back down. We hold onto hope from above, we take handfuls of peace and wrap our arms around grace and goodness then give it to people to hold onto in their own lives. We are stretching the tent, driving the stakes down deeper into the ground; enlarging the space so the family of God can grow and multiply and be covered with Heaven.

There is no changing the future without disrupting the present! More people need to know Jesus and the heart of God. They need to know that God is really good. They need to know that God loves, and God gives (John 3:16). We want to love people the way Jesus loves and give like God gives. Selflessly, graciously, relentlessly.

Nevaeh Now gives people opportunities to grow in faith and step out in faith. There is a place to have Bible studies, worship, ask questions and find answers together. A place where people can develop in their gifting’s. A space to experience the love of God and the share it with the people around them. We give people what God has given to us: love, grace, freedom to be who you were beautifully created to be. People are encouraged and supported to fulfill the special calling God has given each person.

We help get people to the places God has called them to and help them do the things God has asked them to do. We do this by supporting those whose hearts are being pulled to the mission field. We also partner with missionaries who are building communities in places like El Salvador. Little pockets of heaven that are growing with your help.

Our mission is to be servants. To find lost sons and daughters. To raise up spiritual mothers and fathers. To be good stewards of everything God entrusts us with. To do things differently. We are Kingdom kids that want the world to know who our DAD is, how good He is and how much He loves them.


Heaven is on earth ... we just need more of it.